Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Looks like swagger to me

Omar Bolden signing video, courtesy of YouTube


Anonymous said...

Well, that wasn't as bad as I had heard it described.
Looks like Bolden was just having fun.

Stew said...

A lot of ASU fans didnt like it when Havili and Granger acted similarly

Anonymous said...

The media has a lot to do with athletic immature teens acting the way they do. They provide a platform in which they try to outdo each other with their antics.
Few persons are mature enough to resist the temptation to show off when surrounded by family and friends on T.V.?

On another note.
I've been complaining that ASU doesn't show a killer instinct.

We need players that are up and running from the get go. I am very tired of ASU's slow starts. IIRC,1996 was the last year that ASU consistently scored in their first possession of either half.

Perhaps we need these types of players that rub it in your face.

Nick said...

Erickson is the king of rubbing it in your face, and it's contagious. Other Pac 10 teams will certainly hate us, but ASU will be playing a relentless brand of football. We need guys like this.