Monday, June 30, 2008

I thought he retired 10 years ago?

Probably the most significant offseason news, in terms of its long-term impact on ASU, was the announcement that Tom Hansen will retire as Pac-10 commissioner next summer (what, he has to hang on for another year?).

I'm surprised that the guys over at didn't update their website in celebration. Let's face it: this guy was inept. Many people will claim that the lack of TV exposure is his biggest "crime"; personally I think his inability to secure a New Year's Day bowl for the second-placed team is the biggest indictment of his tenure.

Phil Knight as the next commissioner? Lisa Love? It really doesn't matter: whoever the Presidents select will be better than Hansen.

While blogs review his accomplishments (or lack thereof), other authors use the opportunity to re-open the discussion about Pac-10 expansion. This article makes the huge mistake of assuming that the Utah TV market is relevant. Let's be clear: Salt Lake City brings negligible additional viewers, and that is all that matters. The only schools that make sense for the conference to add are Texas, Texas A&M, Colorado or Missouri. And that will only happen if the Big XII breaks apart. Given their recent TV deal, however, that is unlikely to happen.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


The ASU-Georgia game is one of the most anticipated non-conference games of the season, and will be one of the biggest games in Sun Devil Stadium history.

Unfortunately, Uga VI will not be part of the spectacle. The bulldog passed away Friday night.

Uga is one of the best traditions in college football (and Georgia is lucky enough to have another: the hedges). Hopefully Uga VII is waiting in the wings and can make it to Tempe for the festivities.

Worth remembering that ASU's original nickname was the Bulldogs.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

2008 schedule

One of the most popular features of Wired Devils is the football schedule, with links to the opponent's website and local newspaper coverage. After each game a link to the boxscore is added.

And don't forget that you can also review all the schedules since 2001 on the Football page.

For those of you already planning trips to Athens or Madison, the official site has the future schedules through 2010, but don't make any firm plans just yet. Remember, planned games often change, and you really have to wait until the spring before each season to know for sure, especially with out-of-conference games.