Friday, February 16, 2007

ASU gaining momentum in support

While the effort was great and the outcome disappointing in last night's 67-61 loss to UCLA, I was more impressed with the 8,000 plus that turned out to support a team without a conference win.

My fear was ASU would have this type of season considering the short-handed personnel, and our notoriously fickle fan base would abandon the program. But either the gutsy effort of the team or Sendek's recruiting pub or a combination of a lot of things have stabilized the gate.

That's encouraging, because things should be getting better in a hurry. The addition of James Harden, Jamelle McMillan, Kraidon Woods, and Rihards Kuksiks should provide immediate help to ASU's flagging field goal percentage. More importantly, they will allow the coaching staff to better utilize young talent like Christian Polk. If Eric Boateng can provide minutes at center, it may free-up Jeff Pendergraph to fulfill more of a go-to role at power forward. It also means strong effort kids like PG Twi Anthuahene can provide support without having to do more than perhaps they're capable of.

So if 8,000 can tolerate disappointments like last night, perhaps we can find another 4,000 to 5,000 who will come and watch a potentially deeper and more efficient team win a few more games next year. That would have to qualify as a major success for this program that was considered better left for dead before Sendek's arrival.

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State87 said...

I have to agree. If this team had a Nick Collison, they'd be at least .500. There is a swelling of support for the effort, but with so many conference teams being ranked, the visiting team allotments are up. Of that 8K plus, 1500 had to be UCLANSMEN, the same goes true for UW, WSU, OSU, UO, STAN and CAL. God knows how many spoiled children will show up on Sunday. Of course we know too many rats will show up next week, but probably not as many as in years past.

All I have to say is keep givin em hell, the ball will begin to drop some day. The wicked witch will retire and Sendeck will be the next Ned Wulk.