Monday, February 5, 2007

Make sure that fax machine is plugged in

Well, in 48 hours the fax machines in Athletic Departments all over the country should start humming as high school kids start sending in their Letters of Intent.

The NCAA mandates that this week is a dead period, so no more contact is allowed. Of course, some coaches believe these rules do not apply to them, and play pickup basketball with recruits despite the "no contact" rule.

Despite my earlier proclamation that surprises never happen on LOI day, this year could be different. Expect a couple of additions to the latest list of commitments.


Gaddabout said...

We sold some spec homes to a coach last year and they just closed. I was surprised to hear from him today! I figured coaches would be busy running around, but I guess their work is more or less done.

Stew said...

Contact is allowed during a dead period. The following is the rules for the dead period. btw Bad list of current commits

Dead Period: No face-to-face contact allowed between a coach and potential recruit on or off campus.
Coaches are allowed to make one phone call per week up until Signing Day including dead periods. Coaches are allowed unlimited calls the 24 hours before and after Signing Day.