Tuesday, February 6, 2007

When is an official site official?

One of my pet peeves with the Athletic Department is their seeming inability to create a single, consolidated website. It seems like each part of the organization has their own site, and it makes it very frustrating for the humble Sun Devil surfer.

First, of course, is the official site TheSunDevils.com. First off, I hate that URL. SunDevils.com was taken early in the days of the 'net, but now looks like it's available. Couldn't ASU claim that domain name as the copyright owner to the Sun Devils name?

Next is Devil's Domain which requires a free registration. This then allows you to download the Devil's Domain Domain Communicator and Screensaver which is, essentially, a small application that provides links to articles from the official site. Not sure why this requires its own URL!

Next up is The Sun Devils Sports Network which requires an insane $80 annual subscription. Heck, for $99 you can subscribe to ESPN GamePlan which offers about 100 times more content. You don't even get video of the football games for your eighty bucks, by the way.

The fourth "official" site is Sun Devil Central, which is actually the most impressive of the bunch. It offers a nice choice of videos, wallpaper, posters, etc., and it's free.

Last but not least is Answer The Scratch, which is the only site devoted to a specific sport (football). It will be interesting to see if Dennis Erickson keeps the ATS slogan from the previous regime. Again, quite a good site, but seems to overlap Sun Devil Central.

So I'd love to know why these five URLs can't be combined into one or two sites. Anyone from the Athletic Department care to comment?

Updated 2/7/07: apparently, one of the things you get for your $80 subscription to the Sun Devil Sports Network is "All Dirk Koetter radio shows" -- way to keep the site updated! Also, as well as football not being included, neither is men's basketball. Please explain how this subscription is worth $80 per year -- $30 or $40 would seem more reasonable.

Updated 2/8/07: as another example of how badly priced this subscription is, one option offered is $10 per month for a handful of Olympic sports on video and audio of the two big sports. Meanwhile, for $13 per month, I subscribe to Sirius, where I get 100 stations of satellite radio 24/7 and every single NFL game. Please, ASU, re-consider your pricing.

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JoeDevil said...

Amen; great stuff, Philly! I plan to call a friend in the AD and point out this post.