Sunday, February 18, 2007

Streak's over

The Sun Devils ended their 15-game losing streak by beating No. 22 USC at home in front of a raucous student crowd, who stayed after the game to chant the players' and coaches' names.

It's Herb Sendek's first ever Pac-10 win and ASU's first win over a ranked opponent since it beat Memphis in the NCAA tournament in March 2003.

And ASU will not become the first basketball team in Pac-10 history to go winless in conference play.

In other news, reports that Sendek is attempting to schedule all future home games on Sunday are not true.

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Anonymous said...

The whole secret of sports is to "play to win", as opposed to "play not to lose".

Some call it the killer instinct, I like to call it "the secret to survival".

Koetter came to ASU with the philosophy of "playing to win", and seemed like our savior,...somewhere along the way he lost his nerve, (balls), and started "playing not to lose". Same thing happened with Snyder and, (ad nauseam), other coaches since Frank Kush.

I submit to you, that in order to really savor life, one must be bold and "play to win" in all instances.

Sometimes one will encounter obstacles, but the thought of "playing to win" must remain constant.

Herb Sendek, seems to have the "play to win" belief and seems to have finally transferred that belief to his players.

Let us hope that Dennis Erickson, and Mike Murphy are also of the same persuasion.

I know that, Lisa Love, Charly Taylor Thorne, and Clint Myers have already reached that conclusion.