Sunday, March 25, 2007

Women's team continue to impress

The Sun Devil women's hoops team beat upstart Bowling Green to make it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament for the first time in the history of the program.

The program officially hit the big time yesterday with the introduction of a new message board over at Cactus Ranch dedicated to the women's team. Larry moved some of the existing posts over to the new board, including this immortal effort calling for Charli Turner Thorne to be fired. Way to go, "Corey Graving"!

Dan Bickley continues to prove himself to be a complete fraud with this blog entry where he asks "Shouldn't we all (be proud of the women's team)?" Where the hell does Bickley get off referring to Sun Devil fans as "we"? Why should he feel proud of anything related to ASU? He may as well be proud of Rutgers or UCONN.

Meanwhile, 18 hours after the Rutgers/Duke game ended, the ASU website proudly notes that ASU will be playing TBA in the next round. Meanwhile, most other sources seem to think that the Sun Devils will be playing Rutgers on Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. Eastern (some nice primetime exposure on the East Coast!).

Update 3/26/07: 11 hours before tipoff, still has TBA listed as the next opponent on the Women' Basketball Schedule. Is anyone in the Athletic Department awake?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if irony is the correct word here, but playing Rutgers is indeed ironic to my understanding of that word.

The Lady Devils were scheduled to play Rutgers in a tournament, (in Puerto Rico?), at the start of the season.

The morning of the game, Aubree Johnson's 15 year old brother was found passed away in his hotel bed. The game with Rutgers was cancelled in agreement by both teams. The Lady Devils dedicated this season to the memory of Aubree's brother. It has come full circle and they will meet Rutgers once again.

I believe that there will be added motivation for the Lady Devils to win this game against Rutgers.
I predict the Lady Devils will leave everything they have on the basketball court.

What a meaningful subplot! No writer could ask for better material.

Go Lady Devils! Do us proud!