Friday, March 2, 2007

Sun Devil women's hoops team 3 point favorites over TBA today

As you will know from an earlier post, I am not a big fan of the ASU athletic department's website(s). It's a little like shooting fish in a barrel, but here's more evidence of why something needs to be done.

I don't follow the women's basketball team closely, but I am vaguely aware that the Pac-10 tournament is starting this weekend.

So to get details, I first go to the home page at I see an article about Aubree Johnson and Emily Westerberg being named to the All-conference team, but nothing about the tournament.

Next I go to the women's basketball page. As of 6:25 a.m. AZ time on Friday, March 2, the page has no mention of the Pac-10 tournament.

Assuming I was mistaken, I go next to the women's basketball schedule, where I am interested to see that on Friday, March 2, ASU will play TBA in the Pac-10 tournament. It is Friday, March 2.

I finally have to go to the Pac-10 website to find out that ASU got a bye, and will not be playing their first game until Saturday, where they will face the winner of today's UCLA vs. Washington State matchup.

Come on people! How do you expect people to be interested when you can't even bother to promote your star program properly? You've got the #7 team in the nation, and you can't even keep their schedule up-to-date?


Gaddabout said...

TBA is a very difficult opponent because you never know which team they're going to put on the floor.

ASU said...

I totally agree/ During football season, I usually check our opponent's website first for times!