Monday, September 7, 2009

What the hell are we supposed to do this week?

By the time the Devils kickoff their second game of the season, at 10pm Eastern on September 19, most teams will have already completed three games. These next couple of weeks are going to be rough. Not many games on the September 12 schedule to get excited about from a TV viewing perspective either. Everyone will be hyping USC @ Ohio State, but that has 45-10 written all over it. Probably the most interesting game is ND @ Michigan, because the losing coach will be on a very hot seat.

Gametime for ASU's visit to Georgia on September 26 should be announced next Monday (September 14).


Scott Jones said...

You're right, a bye week this early sucks not just for the team, but also for fans who just been given a taste of football only to have it yanked away. Thank goodness my cousin scheduled a wedding this weekend, I'll be busy with that (and won't have to deal with the awkwardness of telling family that I'm skipping his wedding/reunion to see ASU play that powerhouse Louisiana-Monroe).

Matthew Self said...

I hope the o-line uses the time to work on their communication and study picking up the blitz. They need to talk more.

Scott Jones said...

Agreed. They need to tighten that up before Georgia and PAC10 play. I'd love to see Sullivan punish the defense for bringing an extra man; it's great he threw it away so many times, but if he doesn't connect downfield, we'll just see more and more blitzing... I'd love to see some more screens to someone not named Nance.