Monday, September 28, 2009

Strong chance of no TV coverage of game at Wazzu

As expected, neither of the Pac-10 TV network selections for October 10 included the ASU @ WSU game.  It's tough to argue with the games selected by ABC and FSN:
  • Oregon at UCLA, 12:30pm PT ABC
  • Stanford at Oregon St., 4pm PT FSN

If I understand the Pac-10 rules correctly (they are hard to follow) the only way that FSN AZ could show the ASU game live is if it kicked off at 7pm PT.  However, I assume Wazzu will not want an evening kickoff, especially since this is Homecoming Weekend in Pullman.

Hopefully I am wrong, but for now it seems likely that the only way to watch this game live will be to travel to Pullman.

Update: now confirmed; no live TV coverage on October 10.

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