Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clearing the archives

Back in the early days of Wired Devils, I maintained an Archives page where I could save links to articles of interest related to ASU athletics.

Blogging has rendered this page obsolete, so in a series of articles over the coming weeks I am going to post summaries of the archives and eventually retire the page.

We start with a couple of classics. In 1994 New Times writer Paul Rubin followed the baseball team from opening day in January until the last out at the College World Series. Coach Jim Brock died of cancer on June 12, four days after his team's season ended.

Rubin's first story BROCK SOLID was written before the legendary coach's death.
"Jim Brock's place in the pantheon of all-time-great college baseball coaches is secure."
The second piece, JIM BROCK LIVED FOR BASEBALL, was published a couple of weeks after he passed.
"The old baseball coach sits motionless in his chair, appearing sadly fragile. He is running on fumes now, his body wracked with liver and colon cancer that will snatch his life in just eight days."
Many years later Rubin wrote a fascinating piece on Brock's successor, Pat Murphy.

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