Saturday, October 27, 2007

The biggest game in 10 years

Tonight's game is the biggest ASU has played in since the 1997 season, which saw huge home games versus an unbeaten Washington State (win) and a good-but-not-great au (loss).

As I have posted elsewhere, the WSU game of '97 is the loudest I have ever heard Sun Devil Stadium, especially when Fright Night sacked Ryan Leaf.

Cryin' Leaf Gets Sacked

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Thanks to Devil Grrl for the tip on where to find this great video.


Scott Jones said...

I disagree. I think we had a similarly big game in 05 against the Trojans, but fell flat in the second half.

From my seat in the south end zone, I'd also say that the 96 Nebraska game was louder than the 97 WSU game.

But either way, I'm ecstatic to be 8-0, and frankly a bit glad that we're getting no respect. I love playing the role of confident underdog.

phillydevil said...

There are two reasons I would say the crowd was louder for the '97 WSU game than the '96 Nebraska game. First, nearly everyone at the WSU game was cheering for the Sun Devils, while there were at least 20,000 Nebraska fans in SDS. Second, the Nebraska game was essentially over by halfway through the third quarter, whereas the WSU game came down to the wire. However, I'm picking hairs -- both nights were awesome atmospheres.