Thursday, October 11, 2007

Apparently, ASU isn't Dennis Erickson's first job

The newspapers in the Northwest appear to have a man-crush on DE. Somewhat understandable since over half of his jobs have been in the Washington/Oregon/Idaho region. In today's Seattle Times, we get a recap of The nine coaching lives of Dennis Erickson.


Scott Jones said...

It's truly astonishing how much ink the papers up there have devoted to the coach of another PAC-10 team. Sure, an article or two the week of the game might be appropriate, but it seems like we've moved into obsession territory. Heck, I'm not sure we've even had that many profiles of Erickson, he's OUR coach.

Anonymous said...

The obession with coach E, by the NW press is partly do to his connections and history,but a little jealousy is involved as well. When you;re a high profile player or coach you are an easy target. Given DE's history, he has a big target on his back. The only way to silence the critics to continue to Win and win with class. If DE can get ASU into the upper level of CFB, without problems, his legend will grow.
Go Devils!