Sunday, October 4, 2009

A wasted game

It's a pity we had to waste a conference game to make a change that most of us realized was necessary after the Georgia game. Danny Sullivan deserves no criticism, because it is obvious he has given everything he has got. Unfortunately most of us won't get to see Oz's debut as a starter at Wazzu, since this week's game will not be televised.

I hate agreeing with Bickley and Bordow.

Sullivan was the best option when the offense needed a caretaker, when a daring, daunting defense seemed good enough to carry the day. Now, the defense has some explaining to do, the ASU faithful have lost belief in their senior quarterback, and the head coach can't be far behind.

Maybe we’ll find out the freshman isn’t ready for Pac-10 football. But what’s the risk? It’s not as if the Sun Devils can do much worse offensively. And — news flash — they’re well on their way to a 6-6 or 5-7 season. Might as well see if the kid can do something.

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Scott Jones said...

Sucks for Sullivan, who seems to be a great kid who desperately wants to succeed and is trying everything he can to do that, but I completely agree that he's just not the right guy to lead this offense. Why not give Brock a shot and see what happens. I wonder how many people are having second thoughts about calling so strongly for a switch from Rudy to Sully last year.