Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Uniform madness

Nothing seems to generate more discussion that suggestions to change the football uniforms. One thing we can all agree on is that the banana uniforms from the Marmie era were awful.

I see lots of requests for pictures of these atrocities, including today's Uni Watch, so for your viewing pleasure...

Note that the back of the Woodson card indicates that these uniforms were worn versus USC. They were also used in at least one game versus CGU. If anyone can provide the exact dates when these were worn, please post to the comments.

Updated 1/10/08: Today's Uni Watch follows up with some additional pictures provided by the ASU SID here, here (an especially ugly close-up) and here. Also, confirmation of the comment left here yesterday that these monstrosities were used for two games: CGU in 1989 and USC in 1990.


Kim said...

I think they were rolled out for the 1989 UofA game as some way to break 'The Streak'.

Going by this site's records:

1989 was a home game.

Southern Cal was a home game in 1990. So I'd peg that the year Woodson's card indicates.

But as I emailed to Paul Lukas, I think there was a third time. But I'm unsure of it (hey it's when I was at ASU and that's a hazy memory )

Knite Flyer said...

I have a question. Please forgive me, I'm an Ohioan, and have only flown in to Tuscon, never setting foot in Tempe. Sorry.

Why the CGA comment. Is that to mean that ASU is closing on UofA, or that the Wildcats are gaining ground on the Devils?

I don't get it, obviously. :)

BTW, I really LIKE the all gold! IF they could get the helmets to match the jerseys to match the pants, then I would like it even more.

Please reply back to me, at the following e-mail address....

I only signed up for the site user name so that I could post this to you.

Thanks in advance.

Jack said...

The maroon pants would be better, as well as an improved design for the gold top.

Anonymous said...

Marmie brought out the Banana colored uni's at halftime vs UA. Yep, everyone had to change at halftime. UA was ahead at the end of the first half and continued to spank the spork in the 2nd half. It was beautimous!!!