Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Save Mike Stoops' Job Fund

Mike Stoops has now lost 3 straight to ASU and has gone four straight years without a bowl game. He continues to weed out Arizona recruits by hyping the future flops, allowing ASU to step in and pick up future success stories.

UA administration has said Stoops will be back for another year. We here at the Save Mike Stoops' Job Fund feel there are few people more important to ASU's success than Mike Stoops and feel it necessary to let the Arizona president and athletic director know ASU fans are in full support of UA keeping Mike Stoops on the payroll. We feel he is due at least a five-year extension.

Please, if you have spare change in your pocket, stick in an envelope and send it to this great cause:

Univ. of No Rose Bowls
1401 E University
Tucson, AZ 85721

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the idea, but I have a better one. How about making a donation to the Sun Devil Club, so regardless of who ever the rats want to put in charge of their program, our president has the ammo he needs to keep our talent (Lisa, Dennis, Herb, Carlie, Pat, etc) from becoming low hanging fruit for other programs to pick off.

These next two years are going to be crucial to everyone's vision of becoming the competitive program that we all know is possible. It won't be possible if we don't start acting like the biggest university on the planet, instead of the one with the biggest potential.

If you don't belong to the SDC, come join for $100.00, if you already belong, then give another $50.00. Every dollar will count, every dollar will help. Once we get the field house built in 2008, ASU is going to have great momentum, but it will be wasted if we don't move up in donor giving from 8th place to at least 6th in the conference.

Lisa did what we asked of her, Dennis did too. Lisa is asking us to do our part and it will be nobody's fault but our own if we allow the ua to overtake us again in donations and facilities.