Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bowl scenarios

Despite the loss at Oregon, the Devils can still have a "special" season. A BCS Bowl is still well within reach. There are multiple scenarios where ASU can make a BCS game, but all require the Devils to win out and finish 11-1.

Scenario 1: Oregon wins out and goes to the BCS National Championship game. If Oregon ends the season ranked #1 or #2 in the BCS standings and plays in the National Championship game, the Rose Bowl will have to select an at-large team to fill its spot (or two, if Ohio State is also in the National Championship game). The Rose Bowl is not required to select a Pac-10 team in this circumstance, but it probably would pick the Devils.

Scenario 2: Oregon wins out and goes to the Rose Bowl. If Oregon ends the season 11-1 but ranked #3 or lower, it will go to the Rose Bowl. ASU and Oregon would be co-champions of the Pac-10, but Oregon would get the Rose Bowl berth based on the head-to-head victory. One of the other BCS Bowls, most likely the Fiesta, would probably pick the Devils.

Scenario 3: Oregon loses another game. This would leave the Devils as undisputed Pac-10 champions and in the Rose Bowl.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree, but the Fiesta Bowl Comm, has been clear. They will never pick ASU or au unless either qualifies for the NCG. The non championship BCS bowls are not about fareness. They are all about the $$$. Picking ASU or au is never going to make any of the CVB's happy and that's all the FBC gives a damn about.

Anonymous said...

ASU will finish 8-4. Our QB CANNOT GET RID OF THE BALLL. wake up aan plan for next year. The only bowl we go to will cost us money!