Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sagarin more impressed than our own fans

While Sun Devil fans continue to pick apart last night's thrashing of Stanford, including insane criticism of Rudy Carpenter here and here, Jeff Sagarin's latest rankings put us at #8 in the nation.

New uniforms made their appearance for the first road game of the season, and much debate ensued. If you had asked me before tonight, I would have told you I preferred gold pants, but I must admit I thought the new maroon pants, with the interlocking AS logo, looked awesome.


Devilduck said...

The Sagarin computer does not take into account years of dashed hopes and disappointment. I think it's pretty hard to fault those of us who may be a little cautiously opptimistic or see things in this team's play that give us concern for our chances against the tougher competition to come.

Anonymous said...

Love the pants and the use of the AS overlap logo. Hated the pass blocking. We ran well against a team we should've been able to run on. Giving up 7 sacks and over 40 yards will be death against UO, CAL, UCLA and USC, maybe even UW. Those sacks turn into to injury or turnovers in the next 7 games.

As good as the stats looked on the D, there were some bad things that happened. We didn't swarm to the ball very well and we had no push without Marquart. DE can discuss the team D method of success, but even as a team, there is much room for improvement. Bolden's pick 6 was very nice. I just hope he keeps it in perspective. He is going to get burned in the next 7 games by better receivers. Let's hope he keeps it screwed on straight.

Anonymous said...

Exactly devilduck. I hope we win out but I have seen this movie before. Win the first five games against crappy teams then get hammered by the tough team is the PAC-10. OSU and Stanford are bottom tiered team this year.