Tuesday, April 3, 2007

4VRADVL knows his hoops!

Well, the ESPN Tournament Challenge has ended, and one of our own had a pretty impressive showing. 4VRADVL ended up ranked 13,147 nationally, which puts him in the top half percentile.

On a related note, how freaking jealous are you of the University of Florida? Can you imagine being a 20 year-old junior at UF right now? You've just watched your school win three national championships in 12 months. Life must be good.

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4VRADVL said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement Philly, but the fact is it was more luck than anything. I'm just glad I didn't have to rely on the score of the final game to win, as you can see I totally screwed that up. 140-125? A 5 OT game was not likely. That's the problem when you're playing with multiple brackets and filling them out late the night before the games start...