Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wanted: Basketball fans in Tempe

Sometime next year, going to an ASU basketball game may become the hip new place to be.

Until then, it would be nice of people who claim an unwavering allegiance to ASU and an interest in basketball to buy a few cheap tickets to fill the seats for a group of kids who work their butts off every game.

It's no fun when your team is winless in the conference. Yes, the offense is ugly, shooting an eye-sore 45 percent from the field. There are but two real shooters on the team, and the offense requires a fleet of shooters to work.

But suffering with your team in the hard times makes the good times that much more enjoyable. There's very little going on if you're not a Suns fan, and you could always Tivo their games. Make it out to Ned Wulk Court sometime soon. You owe it to yourself and your school.